Darwin Vasay

Darwin Vasay is a coach under Erik Paulson's Combat Submission Wrestling Program. He has been training under Erik for more than 15 years. He takes on an active roll to train and manage fighters for the Southeastern and Northeastern fight teams for Raging Wolf. Darwin's certifications, affiliations, & credentials also include:

- US Thai Boxing Association , Khun Khru , Associate Instructor , Muay Thai - Thai Boxing

- Apprentice Instructor in Jun Fan Gung Fu - Jeet Kune Do

- Apprentice Instructor in Filipino Martial Arts (Kali - Escrima - Arnis)

- Royce Grace Jiu - Jitsu Network Affiliate and Blue Belt under Professor Royce Gracie 

- Licensed Promoter under the Florida State Athletic Commission 

- Licensed Coach under the Florida State Athletic Commission

- Production Assistant, Raging Wolf Productions

- Reality Combat Championship, Owner /Assistant Director

- Nami Clothing, Owner / Designer

- Filmography,  Production Assistant, Body Doubles Intl

- Maxim Exposure Tour, Production Assistant and Security