Our elite instructors have over 100 years combined teaching experience. We provide the best instruction with the most knowledgeable and experienced instructors that dedicate the growth of mixed martial arts and to ensure each student is instructed with the most effective and safest training methods available. We are affiliated with the legendary Dan Inosanto, and 2x Light Heavy Weight Shooto Champion and UFC coach, Erik Paulson. Erik is the founder of Combat Submission Wrestling. He continues to train the world's most elite professional fighters such as UFC Heavy Weight Champ, Brock Lesnar, UFC and Pride Champ, Josh Barnett, WEC fighter Javier Vasquez, UFC fighter, Babalu Sobral, UFC fighter Mark Hunt, UFC fighter, Mark Munoz and many more talented fighters who have fought in the most elite MMA events in the world!

Erik continues to produce the most experienced and dedicated instructors in the world and Raging Wolf is proud to offer the best instruction taught by Kenny Barry, Darwin Vasay, & Rusnie Beba. All of our instructors are certified under Sensei Erik Paulson & Guro Dan Inosanto.